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Friday, August 13, 2010

just be str0ng my dear..

i h0pe u read this my dear..

i kn0w that u r hurt.. i kn0w that u r sad.. i kn0w that u feel al0ne right n0w..but..i als0 kn0w.. u r str0ng.. much m0re stronger than me..
maybe it's my fault.. always let u al0ne.. i'm sorry.. i will try my best.. i will always be with u fr0m n0w..

s0metime i need t0 ch00se between u & him.. but u kn0w that i l0ve b0th 0f u damm much.. i had l0st her.. i didn't want t0 l0st either u 0r him.. just f0rget about the pr0blem k..

just be str0ng.. i always l0ve u br0..

p/s: tq t0 my l0vely fren.. ana r..ana a.. ain.. bila k0rang ada.. aku lupa seketika semuanya..

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